Rodent Control

Looking for a Rodent Control specialist? Dead Bug Edwards can help you exterminate rodents and keep them from coming back!

Did you know that many rodents can pass through a tiny opening – a half-inch for rats, and a quarter-inch for mice? No wonder they have an easy time entering your home. In addition to inviting them in, these small openings also make it very difficult to detect every entry point around your home. 

We know rodents. Since 1959 we’ve seen them all – and where they like to live. Whether they’re roof rats, Florida rats or even mice – they do not belong in your home! They can transmit diseases and viruses and soil your food preparation and storage areas.  Our skilled pest control technicians can perform a thorough inspection and identify every rodent entry point – safely and thoroughly. 

No need to put up with pests  — put them to rest with Dead Bug Edwards.