Termite Control

You love your home. So you can see why pests might  be attracted to it, too. And if they’re Termites, the results can be catastrophic. It’s estimated that termites and other similar wood- destroying pests wreak havoc on U.S. buildings and crops to the tune of about $30 billion per year, with the average homeowner swallowing about $3,000 of that. These insects snack 24/7 and some species can lay up to 40,000 eggs per day. So it’s important to catch them early. But they often don’t reveal themselves until your wooden surfaces reveal the damage they’ve caused. So how do you catch them?


Even if your home is built with brick or vinyl, termites can bypass the exterior to enter and feed on ceilings, floors, cabinets, furniture – and even cardboard boxes or canvases. Signs of termite damage include wood that has buckled or is swollen, or you may even see the wooden tunnels the termites have burrowed. You might also find mud tubes that connect their underground nest to a structure. Or even droppings, which look like tiny wood-colored pellets. Often, you’ll detect a moldy scent as well. If so, it’s time to call  Dead Bug Edwards for a termite inspection

Dead Bug Edwards can identify and guide you through the best options to eliminate your termite issues and protect your home.  From structural fumigation to localized treatments and preventative measures, rely on the company with over 60 years of providing termite control in South Florida.

Call Dead Bug Edwards today for a free inspection of your home* for an estimate to protect your home against these destroyers, and never have termites over for dinner again.

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